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About the Lessons...

Care is given to address the specific desires and concerns of each individual student, whether child or adult.  In general, the voice lessons will cover the usual areas of interest:  more breath for longer phrases, reaching higher notes, eliminating the ”break,” greater volume, richer tone quality, etc.


Beginning Vocal Technique

When starting from “scratch”, emphasis is placed on building the vocal instrument.  The student learns to control the various muscles that create the best vocal sound.


Advanced Vocal Technique

Emphasis continues on mastery of these vocal muscles in order to build vocal strength, flexibility, and beauty of tone.  Additional attention is placed on diction and musical phrasing.


Classical Vocal Style

Traditional opera, art song, and oratorio repertoire is learned in the performance style of the era, with emphasis upon excellent communication skills and stage presence.


Pop Vocal Style

Whether the music is country, rock gospel, jazz, or musical theatre, emphasis is placed on creating the right vocal sound for the style.  Microphone technique is taught for both stage and the recording studio.



For the singer or speaker, discovering the key to vocal resonance can become the greatest reward of the voice lessons, resulting in true quality vocal projection and dynamic public speaking.


About the Fees...

Half Hour Private Lesson:


One Lesson:          $60

Four Lessons:        $220

Ten Lessons:          $500


One Hour Private Lesson


One Lesson:          $100

Four Lessons:        $380

Ten Lessons:          $900



Everyone can benefit from a single lesson or two.  Discover what has been holding you back from having the voice you’ve always wanted to have.  A little knowledge will go a long way!


For more permanent results, a regular lesson schedule is recommended.  That schedule may be once or twice a week, every other week, or just once a month.  It is the commitment to the regularity of the lessons that will make the difference.


Friends can arrange to share a lesson.  The same rates will apply.


For more information or to schedule a lesson:


415.302.9384 – Cell Phone

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