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Jan Pedersen Schiff




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Let your dreams lead the way, 

And you'll find that today

They'll be coming true for you!

I've always had a dream ... a simple fairy-tale-like dream:  "and they lived happily ever after."

 I believed with my whole heart in the truth of that statement.  These songs are my story.

Magical Moment

A real dream. I knew on awakening that someone very special would be coming into my life.

The Love We Share

For my husband, after our first year together...a look at how it there are a few cracker crumbs in heaven!

I Believe There is Someone

Trusting that the right one would come to me. This was the last song I wrote before meeting my husband.

Bright Sunshine, Come Tomorrow

Taking that bold step to leave, let go, and start over.

It's Over

Recognizing that when the sparkle has left, it's time to move on again.

Think On Me

So in love, yet miles apart... how I wanted the memory to linger on.

We Always Say Good-bye

Early in the game... it's fun... it's good... it's romantic...but when is it going to last?

Hey There, Stranger

Written whimsically when a former lover ignores my wave to him on the street. It's really OK to be friends!

I Need To Know

I can't live in uncertainty. Is there a future in our being together?

Flows On And On

Why are we together...we're so different...isn't there someon who, like me, believes in "happily ever after?"

How Many Times

What's wrong with me...Why won't you let me love you...Do I have to have my dreams shattered one more time?

Those Who Have Loved Us

Grateful to all those who have shared their love with me and helped to mold my life.


The dream come true...mountain top and all! I wrote this song for my husband and sang it to him at our wedding on Mt. Tamalpais. 

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