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"Whether it is individual coaching or done as part of a group, Jan is gracious, supportive and encouraging with voice development." --A. Rae


“I had the privilege and enjoyment of learning how to use my singing voice with Jan for fifteen years. Her professional voice coaching skills, including vocal and physical exercises at every session, helped me to strengthen my voice. My love of music, and singing became a passion because of Jan’s expertise, training and knowledge of my needs. I loved every moment and I am grateful." - Donna S


"My experience learning to sing with Jan has been extraordinary. She spends time making sure I am getting the best sound from my voice and shows the correct techniques. Her desire for us to sing beautifully is a gift we have all learned from!" - Tracy B


"Jan first taught me the fundamentals of singing when I was just 12 years old. I studied with her for several years after, and the techniques she shared have given me the confidence to sing professionally to this day. Anyone who sings with Jan will hone their craft immediately." - Madison K


"I sang with Jan for 18 years after not having sung for 40. I found that taking lessons from her allowed me to enjoy singing even more than I thought possible. Learning the basics of breathing, the muscles used in singing, and pitch allowed me to concetrate on the words, rhythm and meaning of the songs. Her feedback was priceless and gave me confidence." - Oveda R

"Jan inspired and encouraged me in the most patient and skillful ways.I treasure my time of receiving voice lessons from her" - Gerald W.

"I was lucky enough to enjoy five years with Jan and her various choirs at Singers Marin. I've always loved singing but had never before experienced any tuition and guidance – and it showed! Because of Jan's expertise, direction and patience, my singing has improved so much and I can't thank her enough. Jan's passion for her craft is contagious and I truly believe she could bring out the best voice in anyone."- Georgia G.


"I want you to know how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for my seasons with Wings of Song. YOU made the chorus what it is: uplifting, gorgeous, disciplined, connected. I will miss your leadership" - Sarah K


"I have learned a lot about building tonal quality, swelling the notes, and careful placement of the consonant, for sure.  You are a superb vocal teacher!" - Frances B

"I really enjoyed my singing lessons with Jan. She helped me control and project my voice. She is professional and explains singing techniques very well. She is an excellent teacher!" - Samantha M

"Jan inspired me to get back into singing" - Richard M

"I look back at the time spent with Jan and the choir as the best years of my life. I can’t tell you how grateful and fortunate I was to have met Jan. All that she taught me about music, singing and conducting changed my life and set me in a path for my future. Her friendship, confidence in me, opportunities given, and belief in me helped me go forward into the world of music which is unbelievable and invaluable." - Andre G. 

A tribute to Jan Pedersen Schiff by CCC on Youtube


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